RE:BOOT Group Training

Looking for a group training program to inspire you into action for the summer? Based in the CBD near Victoria Park, RE:BOOT is an 8 week program on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6am.




Acupuncture Treatment

The Corrective Clinic now offers Acupuncture therapy and treatment. Contact The Corrective Clinic team today to find out if Acupuncture therapy is right for you.





Specific Stretching Programs and Mobility Classes

Not mobile enough?

Stretching is key to avoiding injury, but it’s easy to get stuck into poor stretching habits. We can design a stretching program tailored to your body’s needs and keep you playing the sports you love.


Push Yourself

Is your exercise program continuing to challenge you and deliver the results you want? We can design you a program that targets your strengths and weaknesses to push you to the next level and make you stronger, fitter, faster.